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Randy Forbes for Congress

Randy's Plan for Our Health Care

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“America needs a health care system driven on the decisions of patients and their doctors rather than the rules of bureaucrats and insurance companies.  Few citizens would state that choice, quality, reliability, and speed are hallmarks of the service they receive from the federal government.  Instead of relinquishing our individual health care decisions to bureaucrats in Washington, America needs to move towards an efficient, quality system of health care that is based on the principles of transparency and competition, focused on prevention, driven by innovation, noted for its affordability, and characterized by the ease of access rather than the fear of lost coverage.”

-       Congressman Randy Forbes 
Randy's Plan for Our Health Care
Finding a Better Solution for Health Care.
Congressman Forbes voted against the health care bill. While health care reform is needed in America to increase access to care and address out of control costs, Congressman Forbes believes there is a better way to address health care than with a one trillion dollar bill that will result in higher taxes, bigger deficits, and greater debt. Congressman Forbes laid out a plan “Wins in Healthcare” with solutions to expand access and affordability of coverage; revolutionize new cures for diseases by doubling medical research; create Association Health Plans for small business; and end medical malpractice abuse, as well as others – all while keeping health care in the hands of Americans, rather than bureaucrats in Washington.
Reducing Health Care Costs and Increasing Access to Care
We can significantly reduce health care costs if we eliminate geographic and bureaucratic barriers that prevent our health care system from operating as a consumer-run system.  We need to create real, free market competition in our health care system that would allow individuals to purchase the insurance plan that is most affordable for them, even if that plan is across state lines. Small businesses should be able to band together to purchase health care for their employees at competitive costs through association plans. As such, Congressman Forbes has supported legislation to allow small businesses to purchase benefits through association and make coverage more affordable. Congressman Forbes also supports seeking ways to safely import prescription medicine from other countries so we can drive down medical costs for our nation’s seniors.
Placing Doctors and Patients above Bureaucrats and Lawyers
America’s health care system is stymied with unnecessary paperwork and frivolous lawsuits.  Congressman Forbes supports streamlining bureaucratic paperwork in the federal government and reducing the number of frivolous lawsuits that drive health care costs up and good doctors out of business.  Additionally, Congressman Forbes has supported educational programs to ensure that our doctors, nurses, and technicians are trained and equipped to provide the best service to each patient.
Taking Control of Our Own Health
Prevention is the first step in an effective health care system. Congressman Forbes supports prevention programs that help citizens invest personally in their own health by practicing good eating and exercising habits, and treating conditions early. Focusing on prevention can have immeasurable cost benefits to individuals, businesses and to us as a nation.
Protecting Consumers from Health Insurance Termination
As consumers of health insurance, our nation’s most vulnerable citizens deserve to be protected so they do not fall prey to the sudden cancellation of an insurance policy that oftentimes results from situations beyond their control. Congressman Forbes introduced the Health Care Consumer Protection (HCCP) Act, a bipartisan bill that provides individuals the right to reinstate their health insurance coverage that may have been terminated for a number of reasons.
Reducing Medical Error through Technology
We have the ability to reduce medical error, unnecessary tests, and bureaucratic paperwork and cut health care costs significantly simply by bringing our health care system into the 21st century. Congressman Forbes supports moving to a system of electronic medical records which would provide patients with increased quality of care, decreased medical tests and procedures which may be duplicative, reduced errors, and greater freedom to see different doctors and pharmacists .Additionally, Congressman Forbes supports industries like modeling and simulation that allow doctors to practice complicated procedures with no risk to a patient’s health through simulated training systems. Congressman Forbes has introduced legislation to increase the use of models and simulation to improve the quality of health care, to cut health care costs, and to save lives.
Prioritizing Ethically-Obtained Stem Cell Research
Congressman Forbes supports the use of stem cells that are ethically obtained, including adult stem cells and stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood, and supports funding for research programs using these types of stem cell research. Congressman Forbes has introduced legislation that bridges the political divide over embryonic stem cell research and focuses on the common goal shared by both sides of the embryonic stem cell debate - curing and treating patients.
Encouraging Federal Health Care Research and Development
The federal government has an unparalleled ability to fund the research and development to address major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and heart disease that, if cured, could revolutionize quality of life for Americans.  Congressman Forbes has consistently supported the work of our nation’s medical scientists in their efforts towards this goal.
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