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Randy Forbes for Congress


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“Washington is full of those who talk a lot but say little. That’s not my style. I want you to know where I stand.” - Randy


Ending dysfunction in Washington

  • Holding Washington directly accountable for overspending by tying Members of Congress’ salaries to government spending. The more they spend, the less they make.
  • The NSA needs to listen less, elected officials need to listen more.
  • Principles over partisanship. Common sense and common ground are what we need to get our country back on track.
  • Audit the Fed. Audit the Department of Defense.
  • Washington should play by the same rules as the rest of America – hold government accountable for abuses and ignoring the law.

Lighting up the economy

  • Introduced the bold 414 Plan to expedite the construction of roads and bridges and put Americans back to work.
  • Expanding opportunities for the Port of Virginia, and established the bipartisan Panama Canal Expansion Caucus.
  • Named the “Guardian of Small Businesses” by the National Federation of Independent Business for his work to reduce the burdensome regulations and free small businesses to create jobs and grow the economy.
  • Expanding high-tech, modeling & simulation, and manufacturing jobs. Founder and Chairman of the Congressional Modeling and Simulation Caucus, and received the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence.

Fighting for national security

  • Chairman of the House Armed Services Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee and national leader in fighting to protect thousands of Virginia jobs and strengthen America's national security.
  • Successfully fought the Administration’s plan to reduce America’s aircraft carrier fleet, keeping 4,500 jobs in Hampton Roads.
  • Fighting against the devastating effects of sequestration, and building strong partnerships to protect Fort Lee.
  • Awarded the highest civilian awards from both the US Army and US Navy for championing our servicemembers and military families.

Champion for our veterans

  • Our veterans fought for us – now it’s our turn to fight for them.
  • If the Veterans Administration cannot provide timely medical care to veterans, we need to get them care with a private doctor.
  • Our nation’s heroes deserve better than bureaucracy and backlogs.
  • Awarded MOAA "Legislator of the Year,” AMVETS Silver Helmet Award, and ROA President’s Award for his steadfast defense of our veterans and servicemembers.

A spending problem, not a taxing problem

  • 1 of 17 out of 435 Members to vote against every bailout and stimulus package under both Presidents Bush and Obama.
  • Received the “Hero of the Taxpayer” Award.
  • Americans balance their budget, Washington should too. We shouldn’t spend money we do not have.
  • Supports creating a steadier, simpler, fairer tax system that does not unfairly burden middle class families.

Safeguarding our borders

  • No amnesty -- period. Secure the border. Enforce our current laws.
  • Citizenship is a privilege, not a right.

Supporting energy independence

  • Supports offshore drilling to help America achieve energy independence and keep our energy affordable, reliable, and not dependent on overseas oil.
  • Supports preserving and protecting our environment, without unnecessarily burdening small businesses or American property owners.

Finding innovative solutions for healthcare

  • Patients come before politics. Introduced a bill prioritizing medical research with proven clinical success to find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes.
  • Defund and replace Obamacare.
  • Guardian of Seniors Rights Award.  Introduced legislation to protect funding allocated for Social Security and Medicare.

Educating tomorrow’s leaders

  • Supports STEM education to help students to become more competitive in science, technology, engineering, mathematics.
  • Common sense education, not Common Core: states should have the flexibility and autonomy to establish and define student academic standards and assessments.

Supporting our communities

  • Named “Friend of the Farm Bureau” for his work on behalf of the 357,000 individuals employed in agriculture in Virginia.
  • Fighting the threat of criminal gang activity to make our communities and our country safer.

Upholding American values

  • Founder and Co-Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, a bipartisan group of over 100 Members of Congress fighting to protect Americans’ constitutionally protected freedom to live out their faith.
  • Strong supporter of guaranteeing the constitutional right to life for unborn children.
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