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Government Spending Solutions

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Congressman Randy Forbes has been one of the few in Washington standing against spending and bailouts and calling for fiscal responsibility. He was one of only 17 Members of Congress to vote against every bailout and stimulus under both the Bush and Obama Administrations and he has received awards from the American Conservative Union Award as well as the US Chamber of Commerce for his efforts to create more efficient government, lower taxes, and support small businesses. The following pieces of legislation are bills that Randy has introduced or cosponsored as a part of his ongoing efforts to create more efficient government and call for responsible spending. 

Fighting to Constitutionally Require a Balanced Budget. Randy has cosponsored H.J.Res.1, which would constitutionally force Congress to eliminate unnecessary and wasteful spending and make the decisions necessary to balance the budget and eliminate the federal deficit.
Demanding TARP Repayments be Used to Pay Down the Debt (H. Res. 639). Randy cosponsored legislation to require that any interest or dividends repaid to the government through TARP be used solely for debt reduction.
Tying Member Salaries to Spending (H.R. 4681). Randy introduced legislation to tie the salaries of Members of Congress to the growth in government spending – they more they spend, the less they make.
Opposing a Value-Added Tax (VAT) (H.Res. 1346). Randy believes a value-added tax is wrong and is the cosponsor of a resolution stating that the VAT is not an option for the United States.
Upholding the 10th Amendment (H.R. 450). Randy worked for legislation mandating that all bills introduced in the U.S. Congress include a statement setting forth the specific constitutional authority under which that law would be enacted.
Demanding Truth in Accounting (H.R. 943). Transparency in the budget process is not optional. Randy cosponsored a bill that would require the President to switch to a more business-like accounting method when drafting the budget by taking into account long-term costs from entitlement spending in the budget forecast.
Requiring a Direct Vote to Raise the Debt Limit (H.R. 4262). Randy has cosponsored a bill that would mandate a 2/3 roll call vote in both the House and Senate chambers in order to raise the debt ceiling.
Opposing the Death Tax (H.R. 1960). Congressman Forbes has opposed the death tax because it discourages American principles of hard work and long-term investment.
Establishing a Commission on the National Debt (H.R. 1557). Randy cosponsored a bipartisan bill, the Securing America’s Future Economy (SAFE) Commission Act, which would establish a bipartisan commission to develop legislation that will address the imbalances in entitlement spending.
Preventing a $10 Billion Expansion of the IRS (H.R. 5054). Randy introduced a bill that would prohibit the IRS from hiring additional employees for the purposes of enforcing government-mandated healthcare.
Preventing Married Couples from Additional Taxes (H.R. 85). Randy worked to extend the Marriage Tax Relief set to expire this year, which would impact nearly 36 million couples and bring $42 billion in new taxes.
Calling for Transparency in Spending (H.R. 2255). Randy cosponsored legislation that would increase transparency of the otherwise hidden costs of complying with federally unfunded mandates by mandating congressional reporting on federal mandates.
Fighting Against Sending American Tax Dollars to the U.N. (H.R. 577). Randy has cosponsored a resolution to strip U.S. funding to the United Nations unless reforms are made, including preventing its resources from supporting Foreign Terrorist Organizations.
Working to Stop Member Pay Raises (H.R. 4255). Randy cosponsored legislation to freeze Member compensation, which is increased automatically unless otherwise declined by Congress.
Fighting Against House Democrats Refusal to Pass a 2010 Budget. Randy has spoken out against Democrat leadership’s historic failure to pass a budget this year.
Supporting Economic Freedom (H.R. 5029). Randy has cosponsored legislation that would 1) terminate the TARP program; 2) repeal the remaining “stimulus” spending; 3) usher in several tax decreases to provide a real economic recovery plan to create jobs; 4) reduce the payroll tax in half for 2010; 5) eliminate the death tax; 6) eliminate the capital gains tax; and 7) reduce the corporate tax rate to 12.5%.
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