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The Fourth District

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The Fourth Congressional District encompasses some of the most diverse regions in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Stretching from the coastal region of Hampton Roads, to the rural farmland of southeastern Virginia, to the suburban neighborhoods of Chesterfield County, the Fourth District is rich in history and character.

The Fourth District boasts a booming defense industry and includes one of the largest military installations in the Commonwealth. Major agricultural areas in the southern portion of the district produce some of the world's fines peanuts, corn, wheat, and soybeans. The Hampton Roads region contains some of the nation's finest wildlife refuges and aesthetically beautiful rivers, streams, and tributaries. The Tricities region is a landmark for some of the Commonwealth's most memorable moments in history. 

All across the Fourth District, no matter if you are in the coastal city of Chesapeake or the historic Tricities region, you'll find a sense of community and pride among its people, and a love for the cities and towns in which they call home.


Localities in the Fourth District

  • Amelia County
  • City of Chesapeake  
  • Chesterfield County (portion)   
  • City of Colonial Heights  
  • Dinwiddie County  
  • City of Emporia  
  • City of Franklin 
  • Greensville County  
  • City of Hopewell  
  • Isle of Wight County  
  • Nottoway County 
  • Powhatan County  
  • Prince George County (portion)  
  • Southampton County  
  • City of Suffolk  
  • Sussex County 
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