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Forbes Editorial: "Vision For Our Veterans" - AUSA News

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Friday, April 16, 2010
Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va.
Member, House Armed Services Committee

Over the last year, while Washington has been enflamed in debate, thousands of American troops have been stationed far from home and often in danger. 

For each soldier abroad, there is a family at home with an empty seat at the dinner table; a father, a mother, a son, a daughter – halfway around the world, not only missing their family, but being missed. 

A career in the armed services of the United States requires extraordinary demands and sacrifices – frequent relocations, hazardous duty assignments, overseas service, extended family separations, and long duty hours without extra pay.

Many are left physically or mentally impacted, sometimes severely, for the duration of their lives.

Yet, the reason we have been able to sustain a free, strong, and secure America is due to those very men and women who have taken on the grueling demands of military service and committed to protecting our country as a member of the armed forces.

Despite the contentions of last year, I believe Washington can offer a collective vision to care for those who have served.
Just as our veterans have fought for the vision of America, Congress needs to fight for a vision for them.

As we enter into a new decade, I have offered my colleagues on both sides of the aisle an opportunity to work together for the good of our nation’s veterans.

This "Vision for our Veterans" plan encompasses six values and subsequent legislative initiatives that I believe would provide world-class care and resources for our veterans.

Uncompromised Care. Plans to expand government-run healthcare should not jeopardize care promised to our veterans. We should oppose increased costs for veterans’ healthcare and prohibit any healthcare reform that would endanger TRICARE and VA healthcare benefits.

Excellence in hospital care. Our veterans should have excellence in hospital care. Our hospitals fall far short of this standard.  We must provide oversight and stable budgeting to improve hospital care for our veterans.

Service offered reflects service given. The service we give our veterans should reflect the service and sacrifice they have made for our nation. We must push for oversight and reforms of veterans’ services to ensure timely processing for disability claims.

Support then, support now. When our veterans are ready to move into the workforce or expand their small business, I believe we can continue to support them as they support our economy. Legislation like H.R. 1186 would give eligible veterans financial assistance while training to learn high-demand skill.

Other similar legislation like H.R. 3949, the Veterans’ Small Business Assistance and Service Members Protection Act, would improve benefits for veteran-owned small businesses.

Benefits without strings. Our vision for veterans should include full concurrent receipt so veterans receive both disability compensation from the VA and retired pay or Combat-Related Special Compensation.

Families Matter. The families of our veterans matter. H.R.1182 amends the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to provide employers a tax incentive to hire qualified military spouses.

Additionally, the Military Surviving Spouses Equity Act, H.R. 775, would allow a spouse to be compensated for a service related death and still receive full survivor benefits.

I invite you to visit my Web site to learn more about this plan and to tell me which components you believe are most important.

Without the sacrifices of our nation’s veterans, our nation would certainly not be as we know it today. Our veterans have fought for the vision of our nation.

Now Congress must ask – are we working towards a vision for them?



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Dear Del Forbes, Thanks for

Dear Del Forbes,

Thanks for your service to our country and especially you concern for our military.

My team and I are in the process of developing a center that will provide "Wounded Warriors" with living quarters, rehabilitation, training, and extended education. This site will be approximately 200 acres is Suffolk, Va. This center will have everything to support physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial rehabilitation.

This center will be designed on a self sustaining business model that will be self supporting.

I am very anxious to share our dream with you and to have your support.

Thank you,
Buddy Joyner
530 Lake Kilby Road
Suffolk, Va. 23434

We need you to look into this

We need you to look into this new debit card system the Treasury wants to use to go paperless on checks for Veterans Benefits and Social Security.

Homeless veterans under this system will end up footing the bill to go paperless; they don't have bank accounts for direct deposit so debit card will have limits and transaction fees after the firs withdrawal each month.

Why should veterans pay to use their monthly benefits, haven't they paid enough already. Just read the terms of use and anyone can see someone is making money on this and it isn't the veteran. These benefits are by law to be free of taxes, however Treasury cost are paid for by taxes and those cost aren't being reduced with a paperless system but rather transferred to those who can least afford it.

We need you help and every member of the US Congress that believes our Veterans are worth whatever it takes to support them as they gave everything to defend and support us.

Please review this with other members of the House.

It is repsenatives like your

It is repsenatives like your self that a breath of fresh air to this great nation of ours. I have served about twentyfour years in the army. My son also served,but was unable to cope with the horror of the war.He had post tramatic stress and is now deceased. His name is Jerry D Hacker. Thank you for what you are doing for the vet.

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